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The winter tyre is especially adapted to the road conditions in the cold season and is, therefore, the best choice when it comes to driving safety and ground adhesion in snow and under icy conditions. Winter conditions require special ripening characteristics that go beyond a summer or All-season tyre.

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What makes winter tyres so special?

The special features of the winter tyres are that they are oriented to low temperatures in the rubber mixture. This is achieved by the rubber mixture being designed such that it remains elastic even at low temperatures. In this way, optimum toothing and, therefore, force transmission between the tyre and the road surface can be ensured. In contrast to summer tyres, the tyre, which is is suitable for the winter, is also equipment with slats, in addition to the profile. These slats are very suitable for interlocking with a loose subsoil. For this purpose, the profile is equipped with as many gripping edges as possible.

How to use winter tyres correctly

If low temperatures, but dry weather conditions are present, tyre manufacturers recommendequipping cars with winter tyres and an increase in tyre pressure by 0.2 to 0.3 bar. This affects that the pressure increase in the tyre is lower than in the case of warmer temperatures. If, however, wet weather conditions are present, a lower tyre pressure is very favourable to the adhesion properties of the winter tyre. It is important to note that manufacturers should show a maximum speed for winter tyres.

Winter tyres in the UK - are they really necessary?

Yes, even though there a many parts of the country where snow is not very common or only lasts a few days, you do require winter tyres on your vehicle to stay safe.

Winter profiles adhere better to the road at cold temperatures and are particularly good on snow and ice. Soft rubber mixes and a special slat profile ensure this. In comparison, a summer tyre hardens at low temperatures, thus losing its firm contact with the ground.

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Winter tyre guidelines

When choosing your tyres, do not think about regulations, but primarily about your safety and that of other road users. The right time for the tyre change depends on the weather condition and does not specify a certain period. Below 7 ° C winter tyres are advisable as they are simply safer than summer tyres.

What winter tyre should I buy?

Many different manufacturers offer a series of winter profiles. The differences are mainly in the quality, which is determined by the tread mix, the profile type and the condition of the slats.

Some tyre brands are known for the quality and safety of their tyres. You can orient yourself on the annual winter tyre tests, which provide information on the handling characteristics of selected tyres.

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