Wheel Balancing

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Tyres and wheels must be balanced

Why does the valve of a motorcycle wheel tune downwards when you let it rotate freely? Why is the steering wheel of a car trembling at certain speeds? Almost every day one can experience a phenomenon, which is often underestimated in its effect - Imbalance. An imbalance of mass is called imbalance. When rotated, it leads to centrifugal forces, vibrations and noises, which become more and more noticeable at higher speeds.

What happens when the wheels are unbalanced?

Unbalanced wheels have many adverse effects on your vehicle, due to unstable vibrations the wheel bearings, wheel suspensions and the steering gear are unnecessarily stressed. This is particularly noticeable by a flicker in the steering. The vibrations can be used to reduce the frictional connection to screws until components break or lead to a defect, which in turn is associated with high costs. Unbalanced wheels can result in increased tire wear or deformation of the tire profile.

When should I have my wheels balanced?

Once your wheels have been dismantled from the vehicle, they should be balanced, or if you feel a flicker, trembling on the steering wheel, or a whole unrest in your vehicle.

Why are weighed wheels becoming unbalanced again and again?

This can be due to many factors such as losing balancing weights, hitting curbs or pavements, bad roadways, with very frequent start-up and deceleration, the tyre turns on the rim.

Minimum use for a maximum driving feeling

Our advice: Have your wheels balanced at least twice a year. We at MLM Motors are continuously investing in modern balancing machines to protect your tyres and wheels as good as possible and to offer you a maximum of service.

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