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Glossary: Wheel alignment

Light-weight tyres are designed to help save fuel

In agreement with the automotive industry, the large tyre manufacturers are always working on new tyre types characterised by their innovative material mixes as well as by their profile designs, which are developed in laboratories and on test tracks by engineers. The changed framework conditions set the aim of the efforts: fuel prices will continue to rise in the light of the limited raw material resources. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly necessary to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide released during the combustion process. Tyre manufacturers are contributing to the development of so-called light-weight tyres, for cars to consume less fuel. The background: the less rolling resistance tyre offers, the more economical a car can drive.

The tyre service can promote economical driving

For the same reason, drivers should pay attention to the correct air pressure in the tyres.However, the consumption values are not influenced solely by choice of the tyre. If you want to drive your car economically, it is well advised to make sure that the car technicians take care of the balancing of the wheels before mounting the tyre in the workshop. Another important tip for your safety - and gasoline saving: Following the tyre change, the installer should carry out a track and axle measurement on the vehicle.

The wheel alignment is used to optimise the rolling resistance

Many drivers know the phenomenon: during the journey, the car pulls itself slightly to the left or right, and the driver has to correct the direction a little bit. After a few thousand miles, a look at the tyres often shows that they are not evenly worn. The deviations are not so great that a real safety risk can arise immediately. However, the service life of a tyre worn on one side is shortened. At the latest when the profile reaches the limit value of 1.6-millimetre profile depth at one point, a premature tyre change is necessary. Tyre experts will recognize the cause of the unevenly stressed tyre using axle measurement.

The geometry of the axle is not correct.

Even a slight deviation from the ideal can lead to the tyre not being optimally supported on the ground during the ride. As a result, the material abrasion is stronger at some points in the tyre. And the rolling resistance of the tyre is also increased. As a result, fuel consumption is rising.The electronic wheel alignment allows correction of the axle geometryWhen the car is on the ramp, our mechanic will carry out the so called 3D wheel alignment with electronic sensors. These can easily measure the wheel alignment. The measured values provide reliable information about the extent to which the geometry of the axis has become out of balance. The track can then be set using the data obtained with the wheel alignment. In this way, the wheel alignment during the tyre service ensures that the wheels can run perfectly round again and connect to the road surface optimally. The car moves straight without any distractions you feel safer, and the fuel consumption drops. Moreover, wheel alignment also helps save money differently. The next tyre change is only due to the now even, regular wear when the reduced profile depth makes it necessary.

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