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Uniroyal tyres - first-class performance and high economy

The tyre manufacturer Uniroyal is part of the Continental Group and is considered the inventor of "Rain tyres." Through the cooperation with Continental, this brand offers you summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres of high quality. Since 1895 the Belgian company has been producing tyres of the highest standard. Uniroyal tyres provide the best performance in wet conditions. The Rainsport tyres are therefore very popular

Uniroyal tyres against aquaplaning

Under dry conditions, Uniroyal tyres naturally ensure proper adhesion. On wet roads, however, they are among the best products the tyre market has to offer. This applies both to the avoidance of aquaplaning as well as to curves with puddles or trips through snow slush in winter. The first-class performance on wet roads is always confirmed by the excellent test results of the Uniroyal Rainsport tyres. Whether in summer or winter, if you do not want to take risks with your car regarding driving safety, look closely at the tyres made by Uniroyal.

Uniroyal tyres in the press - highly recommended

The tyre profiles of Rainsport PKW tyres have been equipped with wide grooves for a particularly effective water displacement. This allows safe driving in wet conditions as well as a shortened braking distance. Due to the low rolling resistance, Uniroyal tyres also offer significant savings in fuel consumption. 

Uniroyal offers you a wide range of high-performance winter, summer and year-round tyres. The summer tyre RainExpert 3 is distinguished by its optimised behaviour on wet surfaces and significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The low rolling resistance is also a particularly economical Uniroyal tire.

Buy powerful Uniroyal winter tyres

The Snow Max 2 has been specially developed for Vans and convinces with its first-class traction and the shortened braking distance on snow and ice. The reliable power transmission ensures an optimised driving behaviour in all situations which makes the Snow Max 2 a reliable winter tyre.

Uniroyal all-season tyre test

The AllSeasonExpert is suitable for wet as well as for dry roads and is a genuine all-rounder. The consistently excellent performance is combined with a good price and a low noise level. 

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