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The Pirelli Group was founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli and was then known as a pure rubber goods manufacturer. At that time, the company produced a telegraphic cable, a bicycle tyre and a sub seekable with a small number of employees before starting production of car tyres in 1901. Since then, the history of Pirelli has been closely linked to the history of the automobile industry.

The racing sport made Pirelli tyres great

At that time, as today, Pirelli is the number one manufacturer of high-performance tyres and the company has been able to make a decisive contribution to victory and success in racing. Since then, Pirelli has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of automotive tires and now has 24 plants in 12 countries spread across the globe. During its development history, the company merged with several different manufacturers for tyre manufacture and so new markets could be opened up, which led to the formation of such an enormous company.

Pirelli - one of the global players in the world of tyres

Today, Pirelli is one of the world's fifth largest tyre manufacturers and has produced numerous innovations in the field of vehicle tyre manufacturing over the past century. The company maintains close business relationships with almost all of the world's leading car manufacturers, which has enabled it to develop a range of perfectly tuned tyres for numerous vehicle types. Pirelli's focus was mainly on the high-performance sector, which is characterised by high technological standards. However, not only were high-performance tyres developed for sports cars, but also for almost all other segments of the automotive industry. Pirelli now manufactures tyres for light trucks, motorcycles, buses and agricultural machinery and thus serves a broad range of vehicle types.

High-performance tyres were and are the sign of Pirelli

One of the most noteworthy innovations in tyre manufacture is the new Pirelli P Zero, a tyre for sporty vehicles, which, with numerous independent assessments, is a test winner and thus underlines the competence of this manufacturer in its segment. But also the Scorpion series for winter and summer use proved why Pirelli is one of the market-leading manufacturers concerning tyre technologies



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