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For more than 110 years, the Michelin brand has stood for quality, continuity and orientation to the needs of the people. Since its origin, the mascot, the Bibendum, has been established in the minds of the people around the world. Both the Bibendum and the name Michelin have always stood for progress in mobility for air and road transport.

All beginnings at Michelin with the air tyre

With the new development of the pneumatic tyre for the automobile in 1895, the company began a success story. Within a short time, the Group became one of the world's leading tyre developers. This was followed by years of triumph and victories, as at this period, Michelin played a significant role in the racing industry, and has repeatedly revolutionised the comforts of road traffic through its new technical developments. But Michelin is not just a landmark, but Michelin tyres also play a significant role in air and space travel. Today the Group is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, with 68 production sites in over 18 countries on five continents. And so Michelin produces tyres with the lowest weight of 200 grams up to a weight of up to 5 tons for all areas where mobility is required.

Tyre advantage - through high-quality development by Michelin

Michelin has always provided quality and reliability and has always been able to win customers and critics around the world with its products. To be able to present innovations in the future, Michelin operates basic research in the field of tire technology in its technology centres on three continents (USA, Europe and Japan) and produces innovative new developments every year, which are always looking for the same. However, Michelin is also committed to the development of so-called energy tyres, which reduce fuel consumption and are therefore environmentally responsible, since the tyres ultimately account for about 20% of fuel consumption.

High-end tyre from Michelin for the most diverse vehicles

The Pilot and Primacy series from Michelin, which has always performed above average in tests, have been particularly prominent in the development of summer tyres. But also the Alpin series from the winter tyre series could convince again and again during test drives.



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