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The tyre manufacturer Hankook was founded in South Korea in 1941, where the core business was initially located. Soon, however, the company grew into a renowned tyre manufacturer and exported its products all over the world.

The triumph of the Hankook car tyres

Within a short time, Hankook became one of the world market leaders in the tyre industry and expanded its capacities by continually opening up new markets in the world, expanding the local production facilities and setting up new production halls. In the early 1980s, Hankook then set up its research centres to develop new technologies and to bring improved products to the market. There followed further years of expansion, and soon the first factories were built in China. Soon the export exceeded the $ 500 million mark and thus showed that Hankook claimed a significant share of the tyre market.

Expansion and cooperation brought Hankook tyres to Europe

At the turn of the year, Hankook and the Michelin Group entered into a joint venture that was to have a very positive impact on both sides. But also in the racing sports Hankook participated from then on and agreed with Hamann Motorsports a Worldwide Technology Partnership, to be able to enter there as well. This should ultimately also affect the applied tyre technologies of Hankook. Even the development of the European market was always to be promoted, and so the planning for a European production facility in Hungary was soon announced. Throughout the company's history, Hankook placed extreme value on forward-looking and innovative technologies to improve customer satisfaction.

Hankook tyres in tests

Hankook proved its value impressively with tyres from the Ventus series, which shone with best marks in tests. Even with the Dynapro series Hankook succeeded over very well-running test series. In the field of all-season tyres, Hankook shines with the Centrum series, which is also well liked by vehicle owners.



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