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The development of Goodyear began well before the company was launched, with the discovery of the vulcanization by Charles Goodyear. He was not the company founder because the company was founded 38 years after his death by Frank Seiberling, but the company Goodyear was named in his honour. As with many large corporations of today, the story began for the time being in a tiny business setting. Initially, they were limited to the production of rubberized goods as well as carriages and bicycle tires. With a minimal workforce, Goodyear finally set out to become one of the largest tyre manufacturers of our time.

The beginnings of the globalisation of tyres by Goodyear

At the beginning of the 19th century, Goodyear also entered the motorsport sector and was able to record successes in collaboration with Ford. Soon, the company also entered the aircraft industry, developing the first pneumatic tyre for a plane, for example, and replaced the traditionally used sledge runners and bicycle tyres. Continuous development of existing and new technologies has led to the creation of innovations and has also grown into numerous other business segments, medical technology and the packaging industry.

Excellent developments thanks to Goodyear

For his achievements and fundamental research in the field of polymer technology, Paul Flory has been awarded the Nobel Prize, who had his training centre at Goodyear. To this day, scientists and engineers from all over the world work at Goodyear's research centres and achieve excellent results in the fields of polymer and rubber technology. Furthermore, all the company's signs were on the road to success and so Goodyear became one of the largest tyre manufacturers of our time.

Goodyear tyres for all living- and weather conditions

In the tyre development, Goodyear was no match for its opponents, and so Goodyear achieved the best results with its NCT and Eagle series, which included the entire experience as a Formula 1 equipment supplier, and showed that their research proved time and time again. But also the UltraGrip series, which was designed specifically for winter use, underlined the outstanding quality of this company and its products. Even with the so-called All-season tyres, the Vector series has created a holistic concept of a tyre for summer and winter operation.



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