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Firestone - tyres for all seasons and vehicle types

Since 1900 the American company Firestone distributes summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres to all important markets of the world. This long experience in tyre production has led to the development of profiles of the highest quality, which have a great traction, durability and also a pleasant appearance. The company produces tyres for all types of vehicles - from cars over trucks to agricultural machines.

Why Firestone tyres pass every test

Summer tyres from Firestone, such as the Firehawk, offer a high safety level and are also available with Speedindex W. But also for the winter, the manufacturer provides the right products, such as the tyres from the Winterhawks 3 series, which thanks to optimised slat technology also offer high adhesion even in wet conditions. In the field of All-season tyres, for example, Duraforce or Performers are top-rated models.



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