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Today, Dunlop is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers, and it is hardly surprising that the success story began at a very early stage, as with many of the big companies of our time.

About an invention - about successful dunlop tyres

As early as 1888, the founder of Dunlop, John Boyd Dunlop, developed the first air cushion system in the world. At that time however for the tricycle of his son. In less than a year, Dunlop then entered the cycling industry and helped with the then innovative technology of the pneumatic tyre to the most diverse cyclists to the victory. The foundation stone for the racing sport and later also the motorsport was laid, and since then Dunlop is hard to be imagined from this profession. In 1890 the discoverer finally opened the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co. Ld. and quickly expanded his company into one of the largest enterprises in the tyre industry. Dunlop quickly recognised the need to remain a successful company, expand its activities and develop new, unique technologies in the field of research. This was also the case in the following decades and brought about innovations again and again.

Dunlop tyres are amongst the best

Dunlop is today one of the leading manufacturers of high and ultra high-performance tyres. Many major automobile manufacturers in the world relied on them and selected Dunlop tyres for the initial equipment of their vehicles - including manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and Audi.

Motorcycle tyres expand Dunlop's portfolio

The Dunlop brand was also able to establish itself in the motorcycle sector, and here too it is part of the original equipment of many manufacturers. Through an extensive product portfolio, Dunlop now offers a broad range of over 130 tyre models and serves almost any vehicle type. Dunlop merged in its history with various companies and thus continued to expand its market position. Since then, Dunlop has been working on its development centres in Asia and Europe. This resulted in tyres, such as the SP Sport series or the winter sports series, which consistently set new benchmarks in comparison tests.



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