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The tyre manufacturer Continental is one of the most prestigious and tradition-rich tyre manufacturing companies. Founded in 1871, the company concentrated on the manufacture of soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics and solid carpets for carriages and bicycles. Until then finally, in 1892 Continental was the first German company to introduce a bike pneumatic tyre, so-called pneumatics.

The success story of Continental began with the air tyre

At the end of the 18th century, the production of the first profile of automobile tyres began. At that time still based in Hanover, Continental developed and produced numerous rubber and tyre articles and regularly presented innovations. A further breakthrough came with the invention of the first removable rim for touring cars, which shortened the enormous time required for the tyre change and was again unique worldwide. When Continental merged with major companies of the German rubber industry in 1928 and the primary production was transferred to Hessian Korbach, it was no longer just tyres, but also numerous other plastic parts for the automotive industry.

Unique rubber blends and a modified profile - production of winter tyres

In 1952 Continental produced the first M + S tyre, specially designed for winter use. In the early 1970s, Continental moved the entire production to Korbach, after the largest production facility in Europe for industrial hoses was opened. In the following years until the middle of the nineties, Continental merged with numerous companies from the tyre and automotive industry and further expanded its production and market presence. There followed a multitude of innovative new developments as well as original concepts and ideas, which quickly found their place in the market. To this day, Continental is expanding its presence in sales and production on the global market and is one of the world's largest manufacturers on the plastic product market.

The high-performance product lines of the Continental tyres

Continental's latest innovations include the tyres from the ContiWinterContact ™ series, which have been awarded top marks in a wide variety of tests. The series ContiSportContact ™, ContiPremiumContact ™ and ContiEcContact ™ were also convincing in the tests and achieved excellent results, which impressively underlines the competence of Continental as a renowned tyre manufacturer.



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