MLM motors and tyres came in the market with a rapidly expanding distribution network and have established itself as a leading tyres suppliers in market. Today, we offer a wide range of tyres which features our company’s innovative technology. MLM’s tyres are designed, produced and marketed to meet the challenges of the mobility in the market.

MLM’s wide ranges have a lot to offer to our customers ranging from different types of your ride. We sell our tyres in such a way that it should be best compatible with your vehicle thus, ensuring safety on roads. We invest in our tyres which is the backbone of any industry. We believe in innovation and every second ideas make us to do engineering with the invention.

Rolling resistance is the major challenge for tyres. The object that rolls creates friction and therefore engine has to work harder. The quality of the tyres determines the fuel efficiency against that friction force and we ensure the greater efficiency in a best possible way.

Planning for a Roadtrip or Family Tour or Long-Drive or Work Place? You’ll have to drive for sure. But is it really safe to drive on a vehicle with wrong choice of tyres? These questions very few conscious people ask to themselves but are absolutely important to be answered early since we know it well “Prevention is better than Cure”. We should compromise with the brand of what we wear, but never compromise with the brand you drive.

For the diversity in maintenance of roads of distinct geographies across the globe, vehicle tyres for smooth driving should be brand specific. MLMmotors focus on finding new solutions for your driving needs, our technology and innovation have profoundly shaped past and present tyres. Today, we continue our commitment to imagine the future of mobility.

For more information about replacing or checking tyres and orders call us on 01162611480 We also offers free pick up or drop off service within 5miles radius.

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