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Rugged terrain is a challenge that not requires good driving skills, but also the right vehicle and the right tyres. With MLM off-road/4x4/SUV tyres, you are well-equipped far away from paved roads. Choose a tyre type that will drive your heavy vehicle safely over hilly slopes and rocky trails. A special rubber compound and the strong tread profile high-quality tyres for modern SUVs and off-road vehicles.

With SUV & Offroadspecialist MLM Tyres and Autocare, you will find cheap off-road tyres for your SUV or off-road vehicle.

SUV tyres, Offroad tyres, All Terrain, Mud Terrain and 4x4 - These are the differences

SUVs convince more and more drivers and choose the SUV as a practical vehicle for the family and tours in the terrain. With the demand for vehicles, of course, the demand for corresponding tyres, which are specially designed for 4x4 cars & SUVs and meet the high demands. Last year, a 21% increase in SUV tyre sales was noticeable. The trend is still on the rise, and it can be assumed that 4x4 tyres in top quality will soon be one of the most frequently purchased tyre types.

In the following, we would like to explain the differences between off-road and SUV tyres.

Off-road tyres, in particular, A / T (all terrain) tyres, are designed for alternating use on roads and off-road. The robust rubber jacket can not be impressed by sharp stones, mud or sandy ground and is considered particularly insensitive. With classic summer or winter tyres, you are not well advised off the road, since even the slightest inconsistencies can lead to a defect of the rubber and the associated ruptured or cut tyre. Modern off-road tyres are much quieter than they are expected to be.

If your vehicle is presented with particular challenges, Mud Terrain tyres are recommended as a particularly coarse variant. High-quality off-road tyres according to ECE regulations are louder than classic summer tyres or winter tyres but offer you maximum driving pleasure with a roll-off resistor, which is standardised with the designation S and is surprisingly quiet. When purchasing Mud or All Terrain tyres for your SUV and off-road vehicle, look for coarse studs and sturdy rubber that will drive you safely.

Facts about buying SUV & off-road tyres

Tyres are the "feet" of the vehicle and the component that makes the only ground contact. For this reason, the tyres must meet the requirements of the surface and the use of the vehicle. On SUV tyres, greater expectations are placed due to higher demands on different surfaces. While a conventional car travels exclusively on asphalted roads or paved roads, 4x4 tyres have to hold their ground at the SUV in the rough terrain. A stronger profile and more robustness against penetrating stones and damage by pointed objects are a prerequisite. The selection is huge, which makes comparisons of models and manufacturers quite efficient. First and foremost, it is not just the price but the quality of the tyres that is the focus. In general, it is necessary to define the application areas for the SUV clearly and to make the decision for the right 4x4 tyres. In this section, there are serious differences which have a lasting effect on the driving feeling and driving safety. If you are mainly on the road and rarely off the road, you can opt for Street Terrain tyres. The models can be identified by their designation ST, which is marked directly on the tyre side wall. All Terrain tyres can be driven equally on the road and off-road as they are significantly more resilient than Street Terrain models. Mud Terrain tyres are the best and safest choice for the general use on uneven surfaces. Important: The seasonal tyre change must also be carried out on 4x4 SUV tyres.

Wide range of off-road tyres for your SUV

With a test winner, you are well advised in the category 4x4 and offroad. For example, the Dunlop SP Sport 3D winter tyre and the Pirelli Scorpion Verde in the summer tyre range have proven themselves to be good in various tests with SUVs in uneven terrain and on different surfaces. If you prefer an All-season tyre, the Bridgestone Dueler A / T 694 model will convince you. In our MLM Tyres and Autocare web shop, you will find a rich portfolio for Mud Terrain and off-road tyres from famous manufacturers such as Nexen, Dunlop, Bridgestone or Imperial.

For models with very good test results in the fields of robustness and performance, we'll make sure you'll have fun driving. Choose from the wide range of tyre sizes that match your vehicle and make sure of the favourable conditions you get at MLM Tyres and Autocare.

For safe driving on rough terrain, you need special tyres. In the MLM online shop, you can buy the right off-road tyres for your vehicle by mouse click. From cheap budget tyres to premium tyres from Michelin, Pirelli or Continental, you will find our wide range of off-road tyres for every requirement in many sizes and always at reasonable prices. We deliver your new off-road tyres directly to your home or fit them for you at our workshop. No need to waste time by looking around - just buy your new off road tyres now easily in the MLM online shop.

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