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Summer tyres are characterised by their special designed for the warmer days, which gives you and your car a feeling of road safety even at high speed. Above all, at high temperatures, as well as in the rain, summer tyres convince by good ground adhesion and handling. Continuously improved technologies ensure the necessary security and reliability. The decisive difference between summer and winter tyres is the profile. Compared to winter tyres, the hard rubber mixture combined with the correct profile design gives the summer tyre the necessary grip and give the driver a comfortable handling and control in every driving situation.

The special features of summer tyres at a glance

Summer Tyres

When travelling at high speed, summer tyres show their full potential. Through the best possible ground adhesion, summer tyres guarantee the driver and passenger's car safety and control in every driving situation. The summer tyre has developed into a high-tech product in recent years. Through the continuous improvement and the introduction of innovations and materials, the tyre manufacturers always ensure the necessary safety and reliability for you and your vehicle.

Should your tyres no longer have a sufficient profile depth (min. 1.6 mm), then we at MLM Tyres and Autocare have the suitable new summer tyres in our tyre shop for you.

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In our Online shop, we offer you high-quality summer tyres at a small price. Compare the different brands of the known premium brands of Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone, etc. These include every year the well-known test winner of the annual summer tire tests, such as the Michelin Primacy 3 or the ContiSport Contact 5 profiles, as well as the new top all-rounder among the premium summer tyres, the Premium Contact 6 from Continental. Or if you want to go for something a bit cheaper, simply check out our budget range

In our Online shop, we offer you an extensive selection of cheap summer tyres in all typical tyre dimensions.

The large tyre companies now combine several tyre brands under one roof, which is fortunately also accompanied by passing standards and know-how. So the "B brands" of the well-known premium tyre manufacturers are now a real alternative for the small money bag and you do not have to forego safety and reliability.In addition to good summer tyres, MLM Tyres and Autocare also offers a wide selection of all-season tyres and winter tyres.

We would like to make the online tyre purchase as easy as possible. You order from the comfort of your own home, and we deliver your new tyres to your front door or fit them for you at our workshop in Glossop.

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