Shock Absorbers

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Defective shock absorbers not only reduce driving comfort but are also a safety risk.

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Let us tell you a bit more about shock absorbers...

The shock absorbers, together with the landing gear springs, form a unit which ensures that shocks are compensated without the vehicle vibrating, thus providing optimal road contact for the wheels. Thus, they are by no means intended only for the pleasant driving behaviour but are a safety-relevant component. The shock absorbers should be checked regularly during a chassis test. In addition to the visual inspection, it is advisable to carry out a functional test.

How do shock absorbers influence driving behaviour?

But when do you have to change the shock absorbers? Shock absorbers support the driving characteristics of a car. If the function of the shock absorbers is limited, vehicles lose their grip on the ground, swing up or get slower.

Shock absorbers can also have a positive effect on the driving behaviour. With the latest high-performance bogies, you can ensure that your car is always on the ground at high speeds and fast-paced bends - even on the racetrack. Last but not least, a chassis conversion also contributes to the sleek look of the car.

Check the shock absorbers correctly

Although shock absorbers are extremely important for safety, only a visual inspection of the shock absorbers is required during the MOT test.

A lower damping due to defective shock absorbers is often compensated unconsciously when driving. A functional test of the shock absorbers can, however, be carried out simply with a shock absorber test.

How can defective shock absorbers be noticeable?

Sharp ringing, low-speed paddling, uneven tyre and increased tyre wear, fluttering steering, spotty cornering behaviour, and a rising side wind sensitivity can be a warning sign for problems with the shock absorbers. 

These warning signs intensify with the increasing wear of the shock absorbers. Completely defective shock absorbers can be seen on the discharged oil on the piston rods of the shock absorbers (a completely dense shock absorber must not be correct in the opposite direction).

If such defects are noticeable, you should immediately change the shock absorbers and re-install them. Anyway, a regular function test of the shock absorber is advisable.

Various types of shock absorbers

Conventional passenger car shock absorbers are produced mainly in hydraulic design in single and two-pipe construction. Especially popular among tuning fans are sport shock absorbers. 

Whether you're looking for shock absorbers for your VW Golf, BMW shock absorbers, Audi shock absorbers or shock absorbers for other brands - at MLM Motors you will always find the right solution. 

Want your vehicle's shock absorbers checked, replaced or installed? Our MLM Motors specialists will do it for you and will only use spare parts in original equipment quality.

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