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Your car's complete service with outstanding quality - MLM Motors.

MLM is your professional partner for all your vehicle needs. We offer you consulting, repair and maintenance from a single source.

As a workshop for all car makes, our experts at MLM Motors only use state-of-the-art auto technology and ensure optimal functioning of the vehicles at all times. Therefore, your car is in the best hands of MLM Motors for vehicle maintenance and repair.

For your vehicle we do everything!

Take advantage of our first-class services

Qualitatively outstanding

We carry out all repair and preservation work according to the specifications of car manufacturers.

Professional work: We employ qualified employees only. Our equipment is always up to date.

Original spare parts: We always use original components or parts of equivalent quality. This is how we secure the value of your vehicle.

Care: We treat your car carefully and cleanly. Our workshop also pays close attention to safety and environmental protection.

Versatile and comprehensive

Everything around the car: we service, repair and upgrade your vehicle. We advise you competently on all topics around your vehicle.

Time-saving: we take your car at short notice and carry out repairs as quickly as possible. So we always offer you short waiting times.

Mobility: with us, you will remain mobile. On request, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle.

Fair and economic

Top services with cost transparency: We will explain the scope of repair and the time requirements in advance. This way you know beforehand exactly how your invoice is composed.

Fairness at all repairs: we only repair what is strictly necessary.

You keep control: we always agree to possible repair extensions with you in advance.

See for yourself: we keep the parts removed for you. On request, we will show them to you when you pick up your vehicle.

Binding and reliable

We fulfil our agreements and stick to our schedule.

Quality and final inspection: we will carry out a test drive with your vehicle before we return it to you.

Personal and committed

Personal care: We take time for your wishes and expectations. We would be pleased to advise you personally on all your questions.

A competent employee will hand over your car, explain the work done and your invoice.

High commitment: we are committed to you and your vehicle.

Any questions or requests?

Just contact us at mlmmotors.co.uk - or just give us a call.

We are looking forward to your message or phone call.