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Important tips on tyre repair

Regardless of the age of your tyres, you can theoretically experience tyre damage at any time. Although material fatigue is one of the leading causes of tyres that are in need of repair, older tyres are more susceptible to defects, but a further source of danger is lack of or faulty maintenance.

If mistakes are made here, for example by significantly lowering or exceeding the permissible air pressure values, tyre damage may be the result.

Aside from the all-over state of a tyre, there is no other way to avoid a sharp object like nails damaging the tyre. This type of tyre damage is one of the most common, whereas extreme cases such as fully "burst" tyre are very rare.

What can you do if you have a tyre puncture?

MLM Motors would like to give you a valuable guide at this point:

If a nail or screw etc. is stuck in your tyre, please leave the item in the tyre. Through the hole in the material that the object has caused when penetrating, the air cannot escape as quickly as it gets stuck in the tyre. Check the air pressure immediately after noticing the damage and fill it if necessary. However, do not rely on the often sealing effect of the stuck object and do not plan any further journeys until an expert has seen the damage. If possible, come to your MLM Motors workshop immediately. Drive very slowly and keep checking the air pressure. And be assured: our specialists can quickly fix such tyre damage in the context of a fast and inexpensive tyre repair.

At MLM Motors, we only use the latest technical equipment and best material for puncture repairs. Your safety is our top priority!

Thorough repair of a damaged tyre

If it is a major damage such as a tear on the tyre, or if you notice that there is permanent air leakage, change the tyre immediately and replace it with the spare tyre if possible. If a tyre change is not possible, please go to our MLM workshop in the shortest possible way. If you pass a petrol station, it may be advisable to refill the tyre with air. 

Is the air pressure is too low, the sensitive inside of the tyre can be damaged. In the event of damage on the inside, the tyre could no longer be saved.

Change a "flat one" immediately! Already on a distance of a few meters, a flat tyre can be destroyed. Therefore, mount your spare wheel and drive directly to us: we find the cause of the leaking air and check whether a repair is possible on the tyre and calculate the costs compared to a new tyre.

After the first aid measures and your arrival at MLM motors, we take utmost care when evaluating the tyre condition. 

A repair will only take place if the full use of the tyre is guaranteed according to the indications on the tyre such as the speed index or load index.

In the following rare cases the repair of your broken tyre is unfortunately no longer possible:

  • The inside of the tyre was damaged by an overpressure ride.
  • The tyre has received a provisional emergency repair, which makes a professional repair impossible.
  • Basically: Most damage can be repaired if:
  • The tyre has not been driven for long.
  • Only certain areas of the tyre are affected, and the rest are intact and comply with traffic regulations.
  • The tyre damage was discovered soon after its origin.

Therefore, be sensitive to unusual driving noises and, if in doubt, have your car inspected by the expert on a lifting platform to rule out possible damage to all four tyres.

Be sure always to contact MLM Motors. We are more than a tyre dealer and will find the fastest and most economical solution for your damaged car tyre!

Another tip to the end: Always check your air pressure every two weeks so that you are always safe on the road. Already 0.5 bar less air pressure in the tyre can have fatal effects on driving safety. Good to know: When driving with low air pressure, the dreaded "burst tyre" is more likely to happen.

Avoid this worst-case scenario, and please be careful!

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