As per UK law, any vehicle older than three years, before it starts driving on the road should pass the MOT test which has several parameters that need to be fulfilled. MLM Motors offers the official MOT standard test which has been developed over the years as per the parameters specified by the government. With our help, it will be easy for you to get your vehicle through this test.

The MOT test (Ministry of Transport or just the "MOT") is the law enforced in the Glossop, UK which makes it mandatory for the vehicles to pass the test before they can participate in road traffic. Many car owners are worried about whether their car will pass this year's MOT. As a matter of fact, many vehicles are failing the test every year mainly due to minor faults. That's why we at MLM Motors would like to advise you to either check a few things yourself (wiper blades, tyre tread, light bulbs, etc.) and get these minor things fixed before booking the MOT Glossop test - or simply get the car checked at our workshop.  Around 40% of cars submitted for MOT testing end up failing. We minimize this chance by carrying out a few basic controls, inside and out, to ensure your vehicle won't fail due to minor issues. Afterward, MLM Motors offers a standard test which has been developed over the years by the UK government. This test is essential for keeping our car legal and roadworthy.

Drivers with a car over three years old are not allowed to use on a public road without a valid MOT certificate. These are some of the items that are being tested: All the lights, brakes, handbrake and steering wheel, mirrors, number plates, wiper blades, etc. will be checked for any wear or damage. For example, if any of the blades are worn, they have to be replaced. If you want to know more about the items that are being tested, please speak to us or have a look at the UK government website.

Your MLM Motors team will make sure that your car, is presentable on the inside as well as on the outside and meets all testing standards so that the tester should not refuse to inspect the vehicle in the first place and no issues arise due to minor, avoidable problems. You can book your car's appointment at any time online. If you want to book your car in for a MOT Test Glossop beforehand, just call us or come over to see us at our MLM Motors workshop in Glossop. 

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