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Do you have problems with your vehicle's exhaust system and need an exhaust repair?

Please come to MLM Motors - your exhaust specialists in Glossop.

The exhaust system of your car has two main tasks: to divert combustion exhaust gases and reduce the noise emissions. Besides, a suitable exhaust system contributes to lower fuel consumption. So that your car remains quiet, cost-saving and environmentally compatible, the exhaust must be regularly maintained to work correctly.

Great temperature differences, extremely high outside temperatures, humidity, road salt, and dirt - all reasons why the exhaust can be damaged relatively quickly. There are holes through the grille, the parts are detached, or the exhaust bracket gets loose. In these cases,  you should visit a garage immediately. Our MLM Motors exhaust experts can quickly diagnose the problem in the exhaust system and fix it for you fast.

An exhaust system on a passenger car consists of the following parts: exhaust manifold, troop tube, catalytic converter or soot particle filter, lambda dents, middle muffler (front silencer), rear muffler and tailpipe. The catalytic converter is the part which, together with the Lambda probe, filters the exhaust gases. Although the catalytic converter reduces the vehicle's power by a few hp, it also ensures low volume and environmental pollution. Middle silencers and rear silencers ensure that the car is as quiet as possible. The mufflers are the parts of the exhaust system, which are often lost and thus endanger yourself and others in traffic. In the case of diesel engines, soot particle filters are being installed increasingly. The tailpipe is the part of the exhaust system, which you can see at the rear of the car - and colloquially referred to as exhaust.

Sport exhaust systems for more performance and sound

The installation of a sports exhaust system has different objectives than the installation of a conventional exhaust system. Of course, a sports exhaust must also carry away the combustion exhaust gases from the car. Instead of the sound insulation, however, the maximum power of the engine is to be supported with a sports exhaust system. As a result, cars equipped with such an exhaust often sound much louder and more aggressive.

Detect a defective exhaust by the noise

In a typical case, you can recognize a faulty exhaust by the very loud exhaust noise. Also, there is often a higher fuel consumption and lower output. However, you can also have your exhaust system serviced regularly in a professional workshop. Optimal is an inspection during the annual vehicle service and before your MOT test. This way, you can prevent severe damage to the exhaust system, failing MOT tests and unnecessarily high repair costs.

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