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If the electronics in your car fail or warning lights indicate malfunctions on the dashboard of your vehicle, our experts at MLM Motors in Glossop will quickly find the fault and eliminate it professionally.

Professional and systematic troubleshooting

Excellently trained experts

Test equipment and workshop equipment of top quality

We have a lot of know-how to offer

If the electronics in your vehicle fail, you can rely on the unique knowledge of our experts. Our MLM Motors specialists are well-versed in diagnosing and troubleshooting: from battery management to electronically controlled injection systems or electronically assisted driving assistance systems.

Networked driving safetyDue to the increasing number of electronic system components and electrical consumers in the car, the repair of a vehicle becomes more and more complicated. In the end, the maintenance

of the complex board electrics goes far beyond the replacement of a defective light bulb or the replacement of a burnt-out fuse. A large number of electronic components not only communicate with one another but also partly work together. If, therefore, one of the elements, like for example a sensor fails, the entire wiring system may come to a standstill. For this case, the experts at MLM Motors have a unique know-how so they can at any time diagnose and repair your car.

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