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Check the battery and install it with MLM Motors in Glossop

Inspection of the battery

The battery is the heart of the engine. If it does not work correctly, your car will not run.

For many car owners it is the absolute horror scenario: a cold winter morning, you are already late for work and the car does not start. Quite often, the problem is with the battery; In the cold season, it is one of the main reasons for vehicle non-starts or breakdowns.

Good to know: Not only older vehicles are affected! 

Give your car battery at least once a year (preferably in the late autumn) the necessary attention regarding maintenance and care and have it checked by our MLM Motor experts for their efficiency.

We test your car’s battery and then make a professional assessment of whether you are well equipped or if it is advisable to buy a new battery.

Logical: During the winter season many devices inside the car are activated while driving. Light, radio, rear-, window- or even seat heating, windscreen wipers and blowers often run all at the same time and over a longer period. All this can be the last blow to a weak car battery. Therefore it is necessary to save energy especially during the cold days and to turn off the rear window heater (temporarily) as soon as the visibility is free again. This ensures that the alternator can always fully recharge the battery.

Why auto batteries fail

The lifetime of the car battery is dependent on many factors - for example, if a car is not being started for a long time or is only used for predominant short-distance traffic, it can, for instance, reduce the battery life. 

The classic of the harmful influences is, however, the deep discharge of the battery by the hours-long shining of the low beam on the parking vehicle. If on the other hand, they are regularly overloaded, the defect may also occur. If for example, the regulator of the alternator does not function properly, this event sometimes occurs.

The older the battery, the more likely a failure will occur. Even if it has already been completely unloaded before, it becomes critical, and it can again lead to a futile start attempt. If the battery is damaged, or if the battery is older than five years, you should get it checked.

Of course, the quality of the car battery also plays an important role: cheap batteries often have less power and cannot compete with heavy-duty brand batteries on vehicles with many electronic consumers. Of course, even some inexpensive batteries can have a suitable service life with appropriate care.

The experts at your MLM Motors service centre will be glad to advise you when it comes to making the ideal choice. In our assortment, we carry car batteries of many manufacturers for every requirement and budget.

Battery defective - what now?

And if you ever get into trouble because the car's battery refuses to serve, it cannot hurt to help youself! Because especially in the winter you often wait for a long time when calling a recovery service due to increased incidents during this period.

Have a high-quality start-up cable in your vehicle that meets all common safety standards. Also, amateurs are strongly advised to carry a guide which explains exactly what must be observed in order not to confuse the minus and positive pole. In general, in the case of uncertainties, consult a specialist, as errors could lead to costly damage to the vehicle's electrical system.

If you want to avoid the car not starting for the second time, or if you want a professional assessment of whether your car battery is fully charged or when you should consider a change, please visit your MLM Motors garage in Glossop. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

From Banner to Varta: We do the test with every battery brand and ensure a smooth start!

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