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All-season tyres offer similar good grip in summer as in winter. Also known under the name All-weather tyres, or 4eason, they combine the advantages of the longitudinal grooves of a summer tyre with the interlocking of the profile of a winter tyre. The compromise in rubber compounding and profile does not quite match the characteristics of the special tyre but gives you and your vehicle a plus of safety in the event of sudden hailstorms or changes in weather.

The downforce and fuel consumption, which is slightly higher than the summer tyre, is still no problem for a lot of customers because by eliminating the annoying, seasonal tyre change, you can, on the other hand, save money.

What distinguishes All-season tyres from winter tyres and summer tyres?

The only and therefore most important connection of the car with the road are the tyres. The forces occurring in corners, braking and acceleration, are enormous, so the saying "give rubber" is often to be taken literally. All-season tyres differ from summer and winter tyres mainly in two characteristics: the rubber compound used and the tyre profile.

The rubber mixture influences the rolling resistance and abrasion. While all-weather tyres can be louder than summer tyres on hot days with the softer rubber compound, the rubber provides less grip in snow and ice than in the softer winter tyres.

The profile of All-season tyres consists of longitudinal grooves for wetness and high temperatures in combination with a pattern block toothing to improve the adhesion on a snow-slick roadway. In the changing conditions of spring and autumn, All-season tyres offer the driver protection against weather-related surprises.

For whom are All-season tyres a sensible alternative?

In the case of a small annual running time, in areas with constant weather conditions and with an increased use of the car for changing seasons, All-season tyres represent a sensible alternative to winter or summer tyres. Manufacturers from Accellera to Yokohama offer a broad range for every car and every requirement.

Tests for All-season tyres

In the annual tyre tests released, the following models were highly recommended: the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons & Vector 5 +, the Sava Adapto, as well as the Vredestein Quadrac 5. The most popular but also the only All-season tyre with a winter tyre label is the Michelin CrossClimate. These tyres have the best performance in terms of fuel consumption and wear characteristics, in addition to their driving characteristics.

For you, for easy retrieval, we have sorted our all-weather tyres in our online shop according to size, price, manufacturer, profile, speed or load index. You can also find cheap All-season tyres within our budget tyre range.

Take advantage of the possibilities for easy tyre comparison, or browse through our wide range of cheap All-season tyres.

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