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Run-flat tyres offer perfect protection and mobility when having a tyre puncture. A flat tyre is very unpleasant and changing it at the roadside is time-consuming. But it does not have to be with Run-flat technology. The technology allows the driver to continue driving with up to 50 mph even after a tyre defect. A spare wheel is no longer necessary. BMW was the first to introduced the Run-flat tyre, and equipped all the upscale middle-class cars with this technology, at that time they have used

from Goodyear, the EMT (Extended Mobility Tyres) or the Continental Support SSR (Self Supporting Runflat Tyre).

In the past, many other car manufacturers have been adopting this technology for themselves and equipped other makes and models for the market. In the meantime, many drivers can make use of the Runflat technology. More and more manufacturers are launching Runflat models on the market. But the best tyres are still the Conti SSR and the Goodyear EMT. Extreme running smoothness despite a little more material application, absolutely low fuel consumption and a top profile characterise these TOP Runflat tyres. Thanks to the reinforced side panel, the main feature of the Run-flat technology, the driver can easily drive the car into the next workshop without ever having to touch a car jack.

Please note, Run-flat tyres are not automatically suitable for every car. In the case of a tyre puncture, with a "normal" tyre, you would know straight away while with a run-flat tyre, you would not even notice and just keep on driving. Therefore, cars with Run-flat technology have a special sensor fitted, showing a warning light on your dashboard in case of a defect.

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