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Winter Tyres

The winter season brings many challenges for the tyres, so it's important to choose correct type of the tyres. As in winters or wet weather the selection of the tyres is very crucial. The tyres should be heavier so it offers a great grip. Being called "cold weather" MLM tyres are made from softer compound, that stay still soft even in very low temperatures too. Due to their efficient tread pattern and deeper tread grooves which are made to decrease aquaplaning. By replacing winter tyres they do not tend to get puncture and becomes skid-proof on wet or snowflakes covered surface. So basic goal is to give the best traction & safety.

So the wise investment in the winter is to go with Winter tyres. So choosing the winter tyres need a little more attention to avoid unwanted circumstances. Snow Braking is the moment when you apply the strong brakes on snowy roads. Snow traction becomes a challenge when it comes to getting up the hills. And keeping other points in mind while buying the winter tyres are measuring Snow circle, Snow handling. By changing the tyres just before the cold weathers you can stay under control even in low temperatures like 7 Degrees. Even the best summer tyres tends to decrease their gripping properties, thus compromising strength, efficiency and control finally affecting the braking behaviour. You can recognize the winter tyres from the wall of the tyre that mentions M+S (Mud & Snow) and marked with the symbol of a mountain containing a snowflake.

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