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Keter Tyres Models

Keter KT177 XL TyresKT177 XL Tyres

This model has been designed for high-performance, with a specially designed tread pattern the tyres offers excellent grip on the ground and reduces the noise level. All-in-all a good choice for a passenger car.

Keter KT277  TyresKT277  Tyres

A high performing tyre from Keter, it has a sickle type design pattern which helps in cutting water and thus providing good grip on wet surface. Diamond shoulder shape and kerfing design helps in releasing the heat and thus ensuring that tyres run for a longer duration without damage.

Keter KT616 TyresKT616 Tyres

This model is perfect for passenger car, with the heat releasing design of the tread, they can run for a longer time. The specially designed tread offer resistance to a wet surface and ensures controlled drive.

Keter KT626  TyresKT626  Tyres

The tyre has specially designed tread which offers resistance and controlled drive. Has effective drainage performance and resists regular wear and tear. 

Keter KT676 XL TyresKT676 XL Tyres

This model from Keter performs well on wet surfaces, offer resistance t water and thus good grip on the ground.Also, the tyre has been designed for high performance and resist regular wear and tear.

Keter KT696 XL TyresKT696 XL Tyres

This model from Keter is a good choice for passenger car for all kind of weather condition, with excellent grip even on wet surfaces the tyre provides good drivability under wet conditions. Also, the tread pattern offers traction and resistance.

Keter KT757 XL TyresKT757 XL Tyres

This is suitable to be run under all weather conditions, the tyre has been designed to perform well on the wet surface. The tyre is excellent for those who are looking for high-speed drive.