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As per the law of UK, any vehicle before it starts running on the road should pass the MOT test which has several parameters that need to be fulfilled. MLM Motors offers a standard test which has been designed as per the parameters specified by the government which makes it easy for you to pass this test.

The MOT test (Ministry of Transport or simply MOT) is the law enforced in UK in which it is mandatory for the vehicles to pass the test before they are made to run on the roads. Taking your car in for a test can be a daunting experience. Often the reasons for failing are minor faults that can be fixed before hand .We have the special tools to check certain elements required. Around 40% of cars submitted for MOT testing end up failing. We minimize this chance by carrying out a few basic checks, inside and out, to ensure it’s not caught out by a minor fault. MLM Motors offers a standard test which has been designed as per the constraints quantified by the UK government. This test is vital for keeping our car legal and roadworthy.

It's generally a fine to use a vehicle of that doesn’t have a current test certificate on a public road. We will make it easy for our consumers to pass the MOT test by confirming that engines are running at normal running temperature (as indicated by your temperature scale inside your vehicle). It is imperative to do this for the emission test. All the lights including headlights, rear lights, fog lights, brake lights, indicator lights and hazard lights will be checked if working correctly or not. Brakes, handbrake and steering wheel for will be properly checked so that nothing is unusual. The driver’s view of the road shouldn’t be obstructed. Wiper blades will be checked if there is any damage. If any of the blades are worn, they will be replaced. We will be replacing them with the best.

All other key points will be considered such as Mirror security, Registration plates that meets DVLA’s requirements etc. MLM motors will make sure that your car, inside and outside, is presentable so that the tester should not refuse to carry out the inspection of the car if it is muddled and murky. You can book your appointment online to become permissible to drive on roads.