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Brakes Services

Now comes another segment of services under MLM Motors i.e. Brake Services. We know the value of stopping at the right time to save lives. So, we maintain and ensure that your brakes are doing perfectly well for the maximum safety on roads.

Of course we understand the major and important difference between the brakes and the tyres. When you press your brake pedal , it stop your tyres from rotating, for safety and reliability it important to have the confidence to know that your vehicle will react efficiently and precisely on applications of breaks. Break service covers a deep examination and repair of brake pads or shoes, rotors or drums, calipers and brake lines.

We offer a variety of services to get back on the roads and on with life. Brakes are essential part of your vehicle and needs to be checked from time to time. We undertake typical type of brake service like replacing new brake pads, Resurfacing the rotors, Installing new calipers. Adding fluid and deciding the replacement of other break components.

Brake pads replacement take place when vehicle makes the noise of grinding or screeching when the you hit the brakes. Another can be when pedal is lower more than desired position. Deep examination in brake calipers is also done to ensure safety. Apart from all these the brake rotors have standard thickness and if it the thickness is less than 3mm , it can becomes a reason of caliper's improper functioning. Thus, giving our customers a range of services to choose from for their vehicles. As earlier said, we strongly believe in our services so we gave you an additional warranty for a limited period of miles.

Lastly, come to us for a complete maintenance and service of your car. We are here at your service. For more information call us on 01457 862290